1) Shrivardhan and manorajan fort surrounded by a wide plateau this fort overlooks the Borghat that was a prominent trade rute connecting mumbai and pune in past

2) Established by the satavahans this aitadel was captured in 1657 by Shivaji maharaj

3) Form the ruler of Bajapur from 1704 to 1705 it was under the mughals

4) before the marathas regained its control when he maratha kingdom witnessed a down fall in 1818

5)the British took over the ownership ownership of this fort

6)in addition to having an eventful history the twin forts of rajmachi have earned recognition for their brillant architecture

7)the fort complex consists of huge ranparts strong walls massive gateways residential units water reservoirs administrative centres and secret gates for exit

8) server temples also from a part of this ancient fortification some of which are even older than the fort itself between the two fort lies the temple of kal Bhairava

9)the local deity ancient Buddhist caves are situated on the westen side of the Rajmachi plateau

10)which were supposedly carved during 200 B.c Pagela nav de r Rajmachi fort history